You’ve probably heard about pressure washing and power washing before. But you might want to use soft washing instead. If you are trying to clean the exterior of your home safely and easily, soft washing is a great option to go with.


This method is a form of pressure and power washing. However, instead of using maximum amounts of water pressure, your cleaning device is powered down for more manageable and safe home use. Soft washing also uses a mix of chemicals instead of pressure to make your property look beautiful and dirt free.


All of these cleaning methods are used to cleanse your outdoor surfaces. They also create effective results. But there are some differences to be aware of when choosing between these choices. Power washing uses hot water to clean, while pressure washing does not use heated water. Both types of washing use a high level of water pressure though. So this might not be the right cleaning method for you.


In fact, pressure and power washing can actually be dangerous for non-professional use. So we recommend soft washing for this reason.


Why You Should Be Doing Soft Washing On Your Property?


As we mentioned, soft washing is safer for you to use, especially if you don’t have experience with professional and high-powered cleaning equipment. In addition to this though, soft washing can be a preferred exterior cleaning method for several other reasons.


First off, soft washing is safe for the environment. You will use less water with this type of exterior washing. Furthermore, the chemicals used to wash surfaces are eco-friendly, which is a plus! In addition, since soft washing uses less pressure, it creates less wear and tear on your home. This can keep your house in better shape, and keep it from being stripped of its protective layers and coatings.

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