From residential to commercial use, soft-washing is going to be the best way that you make sure that you are keeping your space clean and pest-free.  However, a lot of people tend to assume that soft-washing — because of the world “soft” — is weaker and less worthwhile than pressure washing or power washing. Quite the opposite, however.  While unique to pressure washing, it’s going to offer you the same stellar cleaning that you’re expecting.

Soft-washing vs pressure washing

The main difference between these two kinds of cleaning is the PSI, aka the pressure.  A pressure washer or power washer uses a high PSI and a lot of shoppers make the mistake of believing that the sheer power and strength of the pressure is what makes a surface clean. But, it isn’t.  Water itself is just water.  The soap in combination is what makes a surface as clean as it does. The lower PSI is not only going to make the cleaning safer, it’s going to be just as effective!


  • More versatile on sensitive surfaces: The thing about washing with high PSI is that there are some surfaces that can be dragged just by the sheer force of water. While it might be fine on concrete and asphalt, it isn’t so fine on larger, double paned windows or even car paint. Sure, pressure washing can be used on those surfaces, but you must be very careful. Soft-washing, however, is totally worry-free because its lower pressure allows you to simply wash those sensitive and porous surfaces without having to worry about damages.


  • No worry about accidents or mistakes: Accidents and mistakes happen. A pressure washer can easily take out a window in a home or a car, not to mention leave dents in surfaces if there is a mistaken angle. Soft-washing is gentler in its pressure, so it won’t have the same potential destructive power to worry about.


  • Impressive, professional cleaning: Even though it’s got a lower PSI, you get the exact same, impressive cleaning as you would going with the classic pressure washer. It uses detergents and carefully aimed water (as well as technique) to help ease off the grime and dirt in the exact same way as its strong counterparts. Its professionalism is unbeatable, really, when you combine that with the low risk of mistakes or injury.

Whether you want to call them pros or benefits, there are a lot of them when it comes to soft-washing.  What it all boils down to is that it gives your cleaning project the same professionalism and level of prestige as pressure washing, but it doesn’t put your project in jeopardy to accidents or mistakes, like a pressure washer could potentially do.  With impressive, unbeatable cleaning that can be applied to a home, driveway, car and all kinds of (closed!) windows, it’s pretty hard to see why anyone wouldn’t want that kind of professionalism at their disposal.

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