Sioux Falls, SD Pressure Washing

From maintaining an inviting exterior appearance to your home or property to cleaning commercial kitchen exhaust systems and everything in between, we help you have the best appearance possible. Sioux Falls Pressure Washing are fully insured and use only professional grade equipment to ensure the highest quality result for every single job. Your total satisfaction is our goal.

Pressure Washing

When it comes to your home or property, regular maintenance is part of ensuring that external areas remain in top condition. While we pay a lot of attention to the interior of the home or business, it’s easy to forget about the exterior of the property. If you’re planning on selling your home or perhaps it’s starting to get a bit shabby looking, pressure cleaning could be just what you need to restore it to its original prime condition. 

Pressure washing is an effective and safe way to clean the exterior of your home or business. If you want people to get a great first impression when they come to your business or visit your home, then pressure washing is just what you need! 

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Commercial Cleaning SD

Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

We are a full-service commercial kitchen exhaust and hood cleaning provider. We perform every service in strict adherence with NFPA96 codes (Standard for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations). Restaurant owners and managers understand that kitchen hood cleaning is government mandated and enforced by local fire inspectors as well as the insurance companies.

We understand the importance of investing in our employees with proper training. You can rest assured that when our technicians are on the job you are getting what you pay for every time. Our obligation to you is not only keeping your kitchen looking clean but also keeping your employees and the public safe from potential and unnecessary grease fires. Call us for a professional exhaust cleaning quote: 605-480-1384 

Disinfection Cleaning Services

Sanitization Services

Sioux Falls Professional Pressure Washing and Restoration, Inc utilizes a complete line of disinfectants, sanitizers, mold preventatives, and anti-microbial protectants to provide security against infection from bacteria and viruses. We have the right tools and the appropriate chemicals to clean every surface, safely.

We use the right disinfectants for each unique job, and with these specialized sprayers they go on efficiently and stay on the surface longer, and as a result have the greatest cleaning effect possible. Even hard-to-reach surfaces are coated evenly for the best disinfection possible. Call today to protect your property: 605-480-1384 

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