Sanitizing and Biosecurity Professionals

  • Do you need to sanitize and remove germs, odors, viruses, bacteria, fungi, harmful allergens and more from your Home?
  • Is it critical that your Business be as free of harmful germs as possible to ensure the safety of your customers?

If so, you need Sanitizing Professionals that can remove the dirt and increase the safety of the surfaces around your property.

Sioux Falls Pressure Washing is your #1 source for quality sanitizing services that not only make your property look fresh and sparkling, but which also leave surfaces deep clean and as free of harmful substances as possible.

Our cleaning practices help to ensure your property’s biosecurity, with techniques that prevent the spread of diseases.


Sioux Falls Professional Pressure Washing and Restoration, Inc utilizes a complete line of disinfectants, sanitizers, mold preventatives, and anti-microbial protectants to provide security against infection from bacteria and viruses. We have the right tools and the appropriate chemicals to clean every surface, safely.


Our team members use professional level, air-assisted electrostatic spray-guns that charges the particles in the spray, causing the sprayed disinfectants to cling to the surfaces more effectively than traditional sprayers do.

We use the right disinfectants for each unique job, and with these specialized sprayers they go on efficiently and stay on the surface longer, and as a result have the greatest cleaning effect possible. Even hard-to-reach surfaces are coated evenly for the best disinfection possible.

Fight the Pathogens

Our cleaning process will effectively fight:

  • MRSA
  • E. Coli
  • Salmonella
  • Swine Flu
  • C. Diff
  • H1N1
  • Various other bacteria and viruses.


Sioux Falls Professional Pressure Washing and Restoration, Inc participates in continuing education related to training, marketing, and communication to assist our clients with understanding and clarity related to the elimination of bacteria and viruses in their homes and businesses.  We stay aware of trends and developments in cleaning to keep your property as safe as possible.

Having James and his team come into our store to clean our hood system was the best decision I have made…very professional and polite. After buying the company I realized the hood system hadn’t been cleaned in over a year and I was pretty sure it wouldn’t get fully clean but James definitely wowed me..he went above and beyond! The back splash was shining…the floor was scrubbed! He exceeded my expectations and I am so glad to have found him. Thank you for the amazing job well done.”
Yung Ring

Healthy M.E. LLC

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