Why should I have a professional pressure washer clean my home, over doing it myself?

Pressure washing your home is an important way to keep it in good repair. While it might seem like a simple task, it requires training. It’s important to know the right amount of pressure to use, along with which detergents are safe for not only your home, but your landscaping.

What will you do to keep my landscaping safe?

While a licensed professional will have insurance in case there is an issue, there rarely is, because of their proper training. What a professional will do is saturate the area, which helps create a buffer on your fragile plant leaves. With a point of saturation, this protects the greenery. When the washing is finished, they’ll then spray down your greenery once again to make sure no residue remains. Your landscaping should not be impacted by the process.

I have unsightly mold and mildew. Can pressure washing help?

Yes, pressure washing is an affordable way to gently cleanse your home and remove the offending mold and mildew. It’s important to know proper temperatures to use, which detergents are most helpful, and how much pressure is needed to not do damage, while still successfully removing this nuisance.

Is it safe to use on wood siding? Vinyl siding? Stucco? Brick?

Yes, by using lower pressured cleaning and proper cleaning methods, you can have your home cleaned of dirt, debris, and build up of mold and mildew safely. No need to worry about damage, as a professional knows how to clean your home carefully, while still being thorough. They can even help you with other areas like fencing, concrete patios and driveways, decks, and roofing.

How do I know which pressure washing company to use?

You want to be sure that they are properly licensed and insured.

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