Some people get confused when they hear the term pressure washing and power washing. A lot of professionals use these terms interchangeably, so this is an understandable reaction. Still, you might be wondering what the difference is between pressure washing and power washing. The truth is that both these terms refer to the same act.


Both pressure washing and power washing use pressurized water to clean big areas. So, in short, pressure washing and power washing are the same things. However, while pressure washing and power washing create similar results, and are basically the same, there is one key difference to keep in mind.


Pressure washing does not use heated water. While power washing utilizes heated water to clean. Other than this small difference, pressure and power washing are essentially the same.


What Is The Purpose Of Pressure and Power Washing?


Pressure washing and power washing are meant to be used on larger and smaller properties. With the aid of high powered water, you can clean up outdoor areas faster and far more efficiently. You can get rid of all kinds of dirt and debris with a pressure wash. In addition, this type of cleaning can be applied to both your home and even your vehicles.


Either pressure washing or power washing can be used. But if you have really tough stains you need to get rid of you should power wash the areas you are trying to clean. The hot pressurized water is especially good at getting to more dirty and oily places. So consider this when you are doing outdoor cleaning!

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