Maintaining your roof is a vital part of home maintenance but it can be difficult to know exactly how often cleanings should be done. While the answer varies house to house, roof maintenance experts agree that cleanings should be performed every one to three years and always done by a professional. The risks of cleaning your own roof are simply too great, especially if your roof is older and may have potential weak spots that are dangerous unless properly assessed by a professional.


Falls are not uncommon during roof maintenance but a professional has the experience to avoid them that the average homeowner does not. Additionally, for heavy duty cleaning jobs, a DIY cleaner risks doing more harm to their roof than good if they don’t own the proper equipment or understand the proper cleaning technique for their individual roof.


Regular roof cleanings are essential to prolonging the lifespan of your roof and saving money in the long run when one considers the cost of replacement or repair. Comparatively, a cleaning every few years is much less expensive. Factors that affect how often a roof should be cleaned include environmental considerations as well as the type of roof you have. Houses in humid climates are more likely to accumulate algae, lichen, or moss on the roof which can degrade the materials more rapidly than in a drier climate. The organic material retains excess moisture which can begin to rot away at the roof if not regularly removed.


Additionally, considering any extreme weather can be a good cue to get your roof cleaned. In regard to roof materials, concrete tiles dry slowly so they require cleaning roughly every one to three years to prevent the buildup of organic materials, whereas asphalt composite shingles dry more quickly and thus only need to be cleaned every two to three years depending on the age of the roof.

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